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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I've stop blogging here.

You can still catch me here....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Metal Case

I prefer using metal case for my PDA. I love the idea of metal case since palm first release one for palm V. I don't have a palm V back then. I was using a Palm III. Sad to say, palm III doesn't has any metal case.

When I upgraded to T3, it come bundled with a leather case. But I bought a metal case 1 week later and virtually threw away my leather case. The metal case was well use. So well used that it is full of battle scars. Well, scratches are meant to be found on case. They are there to protect your PDA.

Anyway, I didn't buy any leather case for my TX. Got myself a InnoPocket TX Metal Deluxe Case. Don't really like the casing. Firstly, the flip open on the left side instead of the right. You see, normally you'll hold the PDA on ur left hand and the stylus on your right hand. If the flip open on the left side, it would obstruct your left hand when you are holding the PDA. The other thing I don't like about the InnoPocket case is that hump at the 5 way navigation button. Would be nicer if they could make it smooth and flat.

Anyway, I saw this BoxWave Armor Case from 1src website. The flip still opens on the left side, but at least there is no hump.

If I saw this case when I bought my TX, I would had gotten it. Damn....

Security Panel Update 1.0

Palm has released a Security Panel Update 1.0 for Palm TX, LifeDrive, Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2, and Zire 72.

What is the Security Panel Update 1.0?
This update addresses an issue with the Intrusion Protection feature on your device.

When you are using password protection for your handheld, your device records the number of times you enter an incorrect password. When the correct password is entered, Intrusion Protection ideally should reset incorrect password attempts to zero. Instead, the total number of incorrect attempts is incremented. Once the threshold value of incorrect attempts is reached, Intrusion Protection will erase user data.

What is Intrusion Protection?

Your device lets you set the number of attempts to enter an incorrect password before triggering the Intrusion Protection feature. When Intrusion Protection is triggered because the incorrect password was entered too many times, you can choose to have your device delete nothing, erase all records marked as Private, or permanently delete all data.

What issue is addressed by the Security Panel Update 1.0?

This update allows your device to reset the incorrect password counter to zero each time you enter the correct password.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Help needed

If you notice, the update frequency of this blog is rather low.

I admit that I'm sometimes lazy to add new article on this. But sometimes, I'm just busy. Anway, I think in order to solve this problem, I should get co-writer to help update this blog together.

Any TX user out there interested to contributing in this blog too? Pls leave a comment. Thx. :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Make a confession, win a TX

Here is an interesting contest.

Closing on 31 Dec 2005.

But 1 of the terms and condition says:
Only Palm customers who have received Nexus Issue 9 are eligible for this contest. Only 1 entry per user is allowed

Did you received the Nexus Issue 9? If yes, then go for it!

Universal Wireless Keyboard

Got the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard few days back.

I'm not trying to play god here by replacing the laptop with TX. But lets see how far can we push the TX limits.

Will write more about the TX with wireless keyboard.

Monday, November 28, 2005

PalmPDF 0.8


PalmPDF 0.8 is out.

At this rate, we will be seeing a bugless PalmPDF before 2006. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Alternative home icon

Looks like the home icon is a useful feature that palm left out in the TX. Few days after TX's release, Ludus Technologies released SharkTXfix to replace the find icon to home.

The program works great, but there is some slight problem. SharkTXfix contains 2 prc file. SharkTXfix.prc does the changing find to home features while FixedStatusBarResources.prc change the icon to look like a home. SharkTXfix.prc is working perfectly fine. But FixedStatusBarResources.prc causes a green line on your status screen.

But don't worry, mobile stream have released another TX home fix.

While it doesn't cause the green line anymore, it does have 1 drawback. This program creates a permanent link on the recent apps menu. A permanent link back to it's website.

To me, it just turn me off.

I'll be sticking to SharkTXfix without the home icon display.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

DTG Premium 8 and PalmPDF 0.6

Look like good news to everyone who wanted to read native PDF files on palm.

Doc To Go Premium Edition 8 now supports Native PDF. Too bad they don't bundle this together with TX. To upgrade from your TX's DTG 7 will cost $29.99. Usual price is $49.99.

Well, if you do not wish to spend any money, then PalmPDF 0.6 is for you. Just released on 15 Nov 05. I haven't try it yet. Will download and test in a few days time.

Native PDF on palm is no longer a dream. Hope there will be more options coming up.